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Weichai Holding Group is currently one of the strongest automobile and equipment manufacturers in China. It is also China’s only company to be simultaneously engaged in the complete vehicles, powertrain systems and spare parts businesses. For the engine business segment, the Group is devoted to establishing a development and manufacturing base for environment-friendly engines that will be sold in volumes of up to RMB 100 billion, and it also aims to become the world’s leading supplier of complete series of general engines in all fields. The sales of its ‘Weichai Power’ high-speed, high-power engines have already become the highest in the world.

Weichai engines manifest outstanding reliability, power, and economy. Its various characteristics have already reached the internationally advanced level. The emission of Weichai engine can conform to Euro V standard, and has already been assigned the certificate for Euro IV emission standard issued by German TUV, and the certificates for Russian Euro IV emission standard, European non-road stage III emission standard, IMO NOX stage II emission standard etc.

Since the trial production of single-cylinder diesel engine in 1946, Weichai has developed 6160, 6170, 8170 and 6200 intermediate-speed engines successively; in 1984, it introduced foreign WD615, WD618 and 226B engine technologies; in 2004, it developed WP10, WP12 high-power high-speed engines in cooperation with AVL; in 2008, it independently developed WP5, WP7 high-speed engines with low & medium displacement; in this period of time, it also introduced M26 series high-speed engines, 27/38 large engine, 32/40 large engine etc. Currently, Weichai’s high-speed engine displacement reaches between 2L-54L, with power of 45-2600Ps, and its application area has extended from heavy commercial vehicles to medium and light duty commercial vehicles; for the construction machinery, the business has expanded to small-sized construction machinery and multifunctional construction machinery; the medium & low speed engines with displacement of 27L-3000L have the maximum power expanded from 3000Ps to 15600Ps, covering the areas of inland water transportation, coastal fishing and ocean shipping;  thegenerating sets business has expanded from small sets to large complete sets.

Weichai is the first company in the same industry to pass ISO/TS16949 quality certification in China, and it has established a service network consisting of 3,800 specialized maintenance service centers. At the same time, it has established three international bases in Chicago, Marseilles and Singapore, and nearly 100 service centers in 22 countries. Its products have been exported to more than 30 countries or regions including India, Vietnam, Belarus, ASEAN member countries, and Middle East.

While keeping the leading position in the traditional engine market - ships, heavy trucks, 50-ton wheel loaders and more Weichai continuously launches new products, expands business and advances towards diversified auxiliary products. Currently, Weichai engines are widely used for trucks, tractors, tippers, buses, passenger vehicles, loaders, bulldozers, road rollers, excavators, cranes, combines, inland water transportation ships, fishing boats, speedboats, yachts, generating sets and others.


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