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Shandong Heavy Industry Group has integrated outstanding domestic construction machinery resources, and forming production bases in Jining, Linyi, Jinan and Tai’an in Shandong province, and Fushun (Liaoning), Wuhan (Hubei), Xiamen (Fujian). Its products include: earthmoving machinery, compacting machinery, pavement machinery, concrete machinery, excavators, construction cranes, forklifts, and their key components. This business segment mainly involves bulldozers and pavement machinery from Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., concrete machinery from Wuhan Branch, Shantui Manitowoc Cranes, Fushun fire trucks, and excavators from Strong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Shantui machinery, Linde (China) forklifts and Kion forklifts. The following enterprises are concerned:

Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Established in 1980, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese large and key enterprise that produces and sells earthmoving machinery, compacting machinery, pavement machinery, building machinery and construction cranes and their spare parts. It ranks among world’s top 50 construction machinery manufacturers and China’s top 500 enterprises. In January 1997, the company was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000680), and entered the CSI 300 index. In 2011, Shantui achieved the business income of RMB 14.72 billion, with year-on-year growth of 9.72%.
Currently, Shantui owns the following four production bases covering a total area of two million square meters: Shantui International Business Park, Shantui Heavy Industry Business Park, Shantui Wuhan Industrial park, Shantui Fushun Industrial park. It possesses national-level technology centers, Shandong engineering technology research center, and post-doctoral research work station. Currently, the production capacity reaches 15,000 bulldozers, 7,000 pavement machines, 5,000 concrete machines, 180,000 track assemblies, 160,000 torque converters, 50,000 transmissions, and 1.4 million “four-wheels” for construction machinery. Besides, the company has set up a sound sales system and a comprehensive sales service network with products spreading all over the country, and exported to more than 130 countries and regions around the world. In addition, the company has also established 10 subsidiaries in foreign countries and regions such as the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia, Brazil, etc.

For the coming years, the company will grow to be a construction machinery manufacturer that is featured in core technology, international competitiveness and sustainable development.

Strong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.
Founded in March 2010, Strong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry Group. It has two production bases in Linyi and Jining respectively, with a total area of 790,000 square meters, a total construction area of 170,000 square meters and a total investment of RMB 5 billion. The designed annual production capacity is 20,000 excavators at Phase I with tonnage of 0.8-70 tons, forming a complete product series. And it has JCM and STRONG brands with market coverage of more than 99%.

Centered around development through scientific innovation, the company possesses leading electronic control system design, noise and vibration reduction, and energy saving technologies in both international and domestic markets. It has established a full hydraulic construction machinery engineering research center in Shandong Province and other provincial technology centers. Besides, it has built a good relationship with several domestic key colleges and universities and research institutes. And in cooperation with Jilin University and Tongji University, it has established technology innovation bases, product development bases and talent training bases successively. At the same time, the company undertakes the “Torch Program” and “Technical Transformation Program” for small and medium-sized enterprises, and has participated in the drafting of six national and industrial standards, obtaining over 30 national patents.

The company has established a sound sales system and a comprehensive service network, with more than 60 dealers in the whole country and over 600 sales and service centers. In addition, it has built sales and service network in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, with products sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Currently, it is a China’s high-tech company, and a provincial civilized unit in Shandong. Approved by international cooperation organization with good faith, it has obtained the “Honest Management System Certificate”. Its JCM brand has been a famous brand in Shandong province, and the models of GC498LC, GC378LC-8 ranked among China’s top 50 construction machines in 2010 and 2011.

Shantui Machinery Co., Ltd.
Established in 2000, Shandon Shantui Machinery Co., Ltd is a large and diversified Chinese construction equipment manufacturer that integrates the development, production and sales of construction machinery and spare parts. It has become a subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry Group.

In keeping with its corporate culture of “responsibility, communication, and inclusion” as well as with its core value of “winning the future through responsibility”, the company is focused on developing and manufacturing forklifts, rotary drill rigs and spare parts for construction machinery. The company has passed ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14001 environment management system certification and CE certification etc. Numerous projects have won national patents and provincial technological innovation awards. Currently the company is focusing on the production of a complete series of material handling machinery that includes forklifts, tractors, storage equipment and lifts; a series of complete machines for piling machinery including rotary drill rigs, long spiral drilling machines, horizontal directional drills and diaphragm wall grabs; and also components for various types of construction machinery including structural parts, wear parts and hydraulic accessories. It has a production capacity of 10,000 forklifts, and 100 units of piling machinery, and at the same time, it has the capacity to produce spare parts for up to 10,000 bulldozers and excavators..

The company has established a strong sales system and a comprehensive sales service network, and it has also cultivated 112 excellent agents. In addition, it has promoted its global development strategy gradually, with agents in Russia, Malaysia, Turkey and many other countries. Its products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

The company consistently adheres to the mission of “providing outstanding products and service to customers”. As it unceasingly broadens its globalized business horizons on the basis of the principle of mutual benefit and responsibility towards customers, it is striving to become a construction machinery manufacturer that possesses a core competitive edge.

Major products: bulldozers, excavators, loaders, earthmovers, forklifts, concrete machine series, fire trucks

Commercial Vehicles

Shandong Heavy Industry Group possesses the best resources for outstanding commercial vehicles production in the industry. Of different series and types and with multiple functions, the products can satisfy different customers’ needs.

SHACMANs products include heavy cross-country vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, large and middle-sized trucks, natural gas trucks etc. Yangzhou Shengda Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. provides modified semi-trailers, special vehicles, mining trucks and sanitation vehicles. Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd. develops and produces heavy, medium and light-duty buses, and high-end, medium and ordinary buses for public transportation, highways, tourism, organizations and other segments. Jiachuan Automobile Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures MPV, pick-up, SUV and other light-duty and miniature commercial vehicles. Xiamen Fengtai International New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. mainly designs, manufactures and exports hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and powertrain systems, with all of the products exported to America, Europe and other developed countries or regions. The following companies are mainly concerned:

Shaanxi Automobile Group
Established in 1968 and headquartered in Xi’an (Shaanxi province), Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd has become a large-scale automobile industry group occupying a total area of 4.5 million square meters, and with total assets of RMB14.9 billion and more than 23,000 employees. Its main products include: heavy-duty cross-country military vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, large and middle-sized buses (chassis), medium-light duty trucks, heavy-duty vehicle axles and vehicle spare parts. This company is also the only authorized manufacturer of heavy-duty cross-country military vehicles for China Military after its selection & comparison test, and the first company that exports vehicles overseas. Currently Shaanxi Automobile Group operates with more than twenty subsidiaries, mainly: Shaanxi Heavy-duty Vehicles Co., Ltd., Baoji Huashan Construction Vehicles Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Eurostar Automobile Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd.,

The company offers a complete product R&D system. With extensive international cooperation in the recent years, it has developed a complete series of commercial vehicle R&D platform along with its support system, and a modern state level technology center and a post-doctoratal research work station, with technological level remaining one of the best in the country. The Group’s heavy-duty cross-country military vehicles have been praised by the Central Military Commission and State Council while showcased on the occasion of the 35th, 50th and 60th anniversaries of the People’s Republic of China, which have attracted worldwide attention. In recent years, the company has introduced German technology from MAN F2000 heavy-duty truck series which sell well around the world, and has through innovation and research upgraded that model with a new Chinese version – DELONG F2000 - with its own intellectual property right. The upgraded F2000 model has gained praise in all circles and has been awarded “Best Customer Satisfaction Award” as well as being described as “China Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction Truck”.

Through the system and mechanism of modernization in the 21st century, the company has experienced rapid development in the recent years, and has continuously been listed in National Top 500 Enterprises with its comprehensive strength ranking 27th in China Top 500 Machinery Companies, received the “National Labor Day Award”, “China’s Advanced Unit”, “Most Influential Company” and other honors one after another. Now, the company is overall considered as one of China’s top five truck manufacturers.

Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd.
The company, after distributing 60 million A-stocks in Shanghai stock market in August 1999, becomes the first Yangzhou company and also one of the few passenger coach manufacturers in China to appear on the market. The company has total assets of RMB 750 million, more than 1,500 employees, and two brands, “Yaxing” and “Yangzi”. It has developed more than 130 types of heavy, medium, light-duty and luxury, standard, economic buses of more than 20 series, with products covering the following markets: public transportation buses, highway buses, traveling buses and buses for organizations. In addition, it has more than 280 distribution and after-sale service centers stationed nationwide, guaranteeing integrated service for customers.

From the beginning, the company has adhered to the principles of “Inheriting European production standards, continuously serving the public”. It maintains the traditionally reliable chassis and rigid frame, while inheriting the technological and management skills since its cooperation with German Mercedes Benz. Also, it learns and absorbs the advanced technology from British LPD company, with a view to forge a European technology based company. Following their continuous efforts, the company has raised its market image, and strengthen their competitive power, gradually becoming a strong force in the passenger coach industry. Since its establishment, the company sold more than 60,000 units of vehicles in various types, with sales revenue of about RMB 10 billion, and has contributed its due share to the development of highway, city and travel passenger coach industries 

After opening to the foreign market, Yaxing Motor Coach has successfully entered and been honored by the citizens and governments of Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Bengal, Nepal, Cyprus, Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Zimbabwe, together more than 20 countries.

With more than 60 years of development and over 30 years of passenger coach manufacturing experience, Yaxing brand has always followed their motto of “to serve the public and to protect the environment”. It has not only focused on business development, but also undertaken responsibilities towards the society, specifically through their participation in numerous international distinguished events, such as Beijing Asian Games, Beijing Olympic Games, World Canal Cities Expo, Asia Table-tennis Tournament, and International Marathon by providing them with high-quality vehicles and services. For which, it has been highly praised by the honored guests at home and abroad.


The main products: ShacmanYaxing Coach
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