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SHIG owns enterprises such as SINOTRUK, SHACMAN and WEICHAI NEW ENERGY COMMERCIAL VEHICLE, and ranks first in global sales of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
SINOTRUK was founded in 1930 and manufactured Chinas first heavy-duty truck, Yellow River JN150 eight-ton truck in 1960, ending the history of Chinas inability to produce heavy-duty vehicles.
In 1983, the Steyr heavy-duty vehicle project was introduced, which started the innovation road of introducing digestion, absorption and upgrading.In 2009, SINOTRUK cooperated strategically with MAN, introducing advanced heavy-duty vehicles and key assembly technology. 
In 2020, the brand of Yellow River was reshaped and the new generation of Yellow River independent high-end heavy trucks was released.
SHACMAN is a well-known brand of heavy-duty truck in China held by Weichai Power. In 1970, it produced Chinas first "Yan an" SX250 heavy-duty off-road vehicle. 
In 2005, WEICHAI POWER acquired Torch Group in the capital market and held 51% shares of SHACMAN. 

 WEICHAI NEW ENERGY COMMERCIAL VEHICLE is the former Shandong Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2005 and changed its name to WEICHAI NEW ENERGY COMMERCIAL VEHICLE Co., Ltd. in August 2022.



SINOTRUK Yellow River Series Heavy Duty Truck


Shacman Heavy Duty Truck X6000 Series


SINOTRUK SITRAK Series Heavy Duty Truck


SINOTRUK HOWO Series Heavy Duty Truck


SINOTRUK Light Duty Truck


Weichai Landking Light Duty Truck




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