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Shantui Construction Machinery

Established in 1980, Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a backbone Chinese enterprise that is specialized in the production and sale of complete machines and key components of earthmoving machinery, compacting machinery, pavement machinery, construction machinery, construction and hoisting machinery, and more. It ranks among the top 50 construction machinery manufacturers and also among China’s top 500 companies. The company’s products include bulldozers, pipelayers, trimming bulldozers, road graders, wheel loaders, road rollers, garbage trucks, concrete mixer trucks, truck-mounted concrete pumps, crawler cranes, aerial work carriages, fire trucks, crawler chassis, track roller, carrier roller, sprocket and idler for construction machinery, transmission parts, metal components in 10 major categories and products for more than 140 different models.

Shantui is a famous Chinese brand, and the company’s main products have passed CE, EPA and TUV certifications. The CCCME has recommended it as an export brand, while Shantui bulldozers are renowned all throughout China.

Currently, the company has established four production bases: Shantui International Business Park, Shantui Heavy Industry Park, Shantui Wuhan Industrial Park and Shantui Fushun Industrial Park. In addition, it has also opened new offices in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia, Brazil and Hong Kong. It has a state-level technology center and a post-doctoral research center. Shantui products are sold overseas in more than 130 countries and regions, while Shantui’s bulldozer production and sales have been the world’s highest for three years running.

In the next five to ten years, the company will focus on the development of complete machine and key components for construction machinery, including earthmoving machinery, concrete machinery, compacting machinery and pavement machinery. The company aims to become a construction machinery brand featured in core technology, international competitiveness and sustainable development.


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