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Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture ") was founded in 2004 and currently employs 10,000 staff. It is the largest agricultural machinery equipment company in China. In December 2020, Weichai Group strategically reorganized Lovol. With the support of Weichai Group, Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture has become a domestic enterprisethat grasps the key core technologies of the entire agricultural machinery industry chain.

The main business of Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture covers tractors, wheeled grain harvesters, crawler grain harvesters, corn harvesting machinery, special harvesting machinery, land preparation machinery, seeding machinery, plant protection machinery, forage machinery, grain drying machinery, etc. The agricultural machinery equipment products and intelligent agricultural service business could provide a whole-process mechanization solution for modern agriculture.

In 2022, Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture achieved sales of 144,000 units, with a sales revenue of nearly 16 billion yuan, winning the "five firsts" in the industry in terms of total sales amount, sales revenue, sales of large tractors with 200 horsepower or above, sales of wheat machines, and sales of corn machines.

Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture focuses on technological innovation and currently has 4 research institutes with 1,800 R&D personnel. Relying on the global R&D platform of Weichai Group, it has established technological innovation centers in the United States, Germany, and Japan, built a global R&D system, and created industry-leading technological advantages in power, transmission, hydraulics, and electric control etc. The company won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Facing the future, Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture will rely on Weichai Groups core industrial resources such as high-end non-road full-series engines, CVT powertrains and hydraulic powertrains, focus on high-end agricultural equipment, increase investment in research and development, and make breakthroughs in agriculture. The company will modernize and develop cutting-edge technologies, promote high-end and intelligent development of products and services, and build a world-class agricultural equipment group.

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