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Strong Financial Leasing

Strong Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Strong Leasing”), a subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, was part of the 6th batch of domestic capital financial leasing pilot enterprises approved by China’s Ministry of Commerce. It is incorporated in Beijing with a registered capital of RMB1100 million.

Relying on Shandong Heavy Industry Group for its advantages in products, capital, channels and brands, Strong Leasing is committed to increasing stock value for shareholders through customer satisfaction and employee development as well as providing customers with professional, fast and diversified financial leasing services. The company presently provides financial support for Shandong Heavy Industry Group’s product sales, and its business scope mainly includes financial leasing for construction machinery and commercial vehicles. As the company grows, its business scope will unceasingly broaden through dynamic innovation in business models and operation mechanisms, timely involvement in foreign production and overseas business, gradual launching of operating leasing and remanufacturing businesses, introduction of leveraged leasing and chartered leasing business models, and also timely engagement in financial leasing business for infrastructure, real estate and other areas.

Based on the integration of its existing advantages, Strong Leasing will continue to adhere to the principle of providing sincere, professional and fast service for sound management and innovative development and also further improve its core competencies. The company aims to increase its financial leasing quota to RMB 20 billion by 2015 and RMB 50 billion by 2020. It is also striving to become a leading financial leasing enterprise that is held in high regard both domestically and internationally with satisfaction from customers, shareholders, employees and society.


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